The eminent Dalit Punjabi writer Balbir Madhopuri’s birthday celebrated by the Mahavir Vihar colony located in Palam, New Delhi where he is residing. Speaking on the occasion, Smt. Sudeshwati , Councilor of Ward no. 147 said,‘writers are the backbone of a nation and his/her community. And our known writer Balbir Madhopuri presented the issues related with the ex-untouchables at international level through literature. He has inspired the Dalit community to fight for their human rights. He has suggested in his writings to demolish the structure the Varna-dharma and caste system. Therefore, we are celebrating his 56th birthday today.

Smt. Sudeshwati presented a shaa and a plaque to Balbir Madhopuri on behalf of the gathering. Prior to her, Dr. Dinesh Ram, Associated Prof. and editor of bahuri nahi awna introduced Balbir Madhopuri to the gathering that balbir’s writings providing identify to the Dalit community who has lost it before centuries with the arrival of invader Aryas’. He further said’ ‘dalit literature is a literature of the main stream in India. We have our own heritage, cultural and traditions of Adi-Dharma (native’s religion). We have to struggle for self-respect and identity’.

Kailash Dhiaya writer, critic and journalist said in his speech that Balbir raised the ideology of Adi-Dharma through the biography, ‘Ad Dharm De Bani Ghadari Baba Mangu Ram’ (Founder of Adi-Dharma Ghadari Baba Mangu Ram Mugowalia).Ad-Dharm has given identity to the untouchables. Ad-Dharmis (natives of land) are a separate element and we should unite under the umbrella of one religion.

Balbir Madhopuri in his more than one hour speech on Ad Dharm and Baba Mangu Ram Mugowalia said, ‘I am very happy that I am standing here among my people’. He further said,’though I have won many awards but it a big honor for me and for community my. Madhopuri narrated life history of Baba Mangu Ram, a leader of untouchables, a revolutionary of Ghadar Party. He gave the details regarding the contribution of Ad Dhram in the upliftment of Adi Dharmmis (ex-untouchables). He concluded that Mangu Raqm was born on January 14., 1886. His 125th birth year is running. His social movement of 36 untouchable castes was launched on June 11& 12,1926 in his village Mugowal, district Hoshiarpur, Punjab. First time, 8 MLAs of Ad Dharm won in the election of 1937 for Punjab state assembly. 4 MLA’s including Baba Mangu Ram became MLAs in 1946. Ad Dharm presented a memorandum to the Governor General , Punjab on October 12, 1929 for the betterment of untouchables. Before this, Ad Dharm presented his views before the Simon Commission in Lahore in 1928 and Lord Lothian Committee in 1929. In the end of his speech, Madhopuri thanked the committee for organizing a colorful function on his birthday.

11 books are in the account of Balbir Madhopuri. His autobiography, Changiya Rukh original in Punjabi have been published by the Oxford University Press, in shahmukhi in Pakistan and available in some Indian languages. Balbirtranslated 23 books into Punjabi. This function was organized by aDalitactivist Dr. Ramjiyavanand Master Shivcharan of thecolony.
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New Delhi,11-March-2011(Prateek Madhopuri) Renowned Punjabi Dalit litterateur Balbir Madhopuri was honored today by All India Ad Dharam Mission (Regd.) in an impressive function organized by Punjabi Manch Delhi in Punjab Bhawan New Delhi. Mont Black- a gold pen presented to Madhopuri by Amarjit Guru in the memory of his parents on behalf of All India Ad Dharam Mission as a patron. Addressing the gathering Guru said,'Balbir Madhopuri is giving his literature of Dalit awareness for the last two decades.'Ad Dharam De Bani Ghdari Baba Mangu Ram' (Mugowalia Ji) his book published last year, spread the message of Ad Dharam in India and abroad.' He mentioned that Ad Dharam is the original religion of this land and Aryans invaders have garbed this and divided the people into Varnas-Dharama for their benefits. Guru appriciated the angle of Balbir regarding the Dalit identity and social vision of Ad Dharam.

Before this Balbir Madhopuri gave the brief introduction of the book to the audience with facts and figure. Madhopuri authored twelve books,translated 23 books and edited more than 30 books.His autobiography Chhangia Rukh published in four languages including English by OUP and in Shahmukhi in Pakistan.

On this occasion Sant Prem Dass Jassal was also honored by Amarjit Guru with a silver pen. 'Jassal is fully dedicated to Ad Dharam and Guru Ravidass Mission and has written many books in Hindi and Punjabi' Guru Said. Senior leaders of AIADM(Regd.) Chet Ram Takhi, Chairman,R.S. Kang,Sr. Vice President,Misardeep Bhatia, Joint Secretary Om Parkash Nigha Jaspal Singh Ghera,Sarwan Singh Ghera, Prof. Shatrughan Kumar,Jagjit Singh Bindra Sat Narain, Mandhir Singh Deol and some media personalities were presented their. The vote of thanks was given by Roop Singh, a short story writer. Posted on April 1, 2011

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