She is the author of chapters on Sikhism and Current Trends in Hinduism in Russian-language university textbooks The History of Religions (2019), and Religious Studies: BA Level (2017); chapters and translations in Death in Maharashtra: Imagination, Perception and Expression (2012), Christianity and Society in Asia: History and Modernity (2019). Jointly with colleagues from the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russia’s Academy of Sciences, she vastly contributed to volumes published in the frame of the “Under the Skies of South Asia” multidisciplinary project: Portrait and Sculpture (2014), Mobility and Space (2015), Censure and Praise (2017), and edited Volume 3 (Under the Skies of South Asia: Territory and Belonging, 2016).

Her translations from English and Hindi into Russian include The Dread Departure / Mahanirvan by Satish Alekar, They Moved Ahead / Te Pudhe Gele by Makarand Sathe, chapters from Ancestral Affairs by Keki Daruwalla, as well as short stories and poems by contemporary Indian writers.In these days, Prof. Anna is doing translation of Chhangiya Rukh (Autobiography) by Balbir Madhopuri in her mother tongue Russian.

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Balbir Madhopuri

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